Important – SFFANZ domain/email problems

SFFANZ appears to be experiencing problems with our ISP/Domain name provider. This means that our main web site is currently unavailable. It also means that emails addressed to the or domain will not get through. This includes Sir Julius Vogel award nominations.

As an alternative, you may address SJV nominations to This address will be maintained until all the problems are ironed out.

We will keep you updated.

Update 1: The domain is now working. You can access the main page of our site using it and any emails that use this domain should work (feel free to use the alternative if you wish). However the domain still isn’t working and as a result some pages on the web site are not available.

Update 2: The problem with inaccessible pages on the main web site has now been fixed. However the domain still remains unavailable. If you have this domain bookmarked, you should replace it with a link that includes the domain

Update 3: Everything should now be working.


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