Christchurch Earthquake

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to the people of Christchurch. This has been a devastating and most shocking event. We hope that affected friends and family of people reading this are all safe and well.

So far, news has come through from a number of writers and fans in the SF community. So far all the news we have heard on that front has been positive with everybody okay. If you do get news through of people, please re-post on social networks such as facebook and twitter. That seems to be the best way of getting news around.

Cassie Hart together with Anna Caro are organising a fundraising anthology of short stories to benefit victims of the earthquake. They say “All profits of this anthology will be donated to the Red Cross Earthquake Appeal, or another registered charity aimed at aiding those in need in Canterbury. The purpose of this Anthology is two-fold — to help financially, but also, we hope, to provide entertainment and alleviation in a time of crisis. We hope that our words will help make a difference.

2 responses to “Christchurch Earthquake

  1. The Christchurch earthquake is truly bad news. SF2 Concatenation has been pleased to cover SF news from New Zealand as part of its seasonal coverage for the European SF community, and one of us attented the NZ natcon prior to Aussiecon 4, reporting a vibrant SF community and great hospitality from fans and other NZ citizens alike.

    We will certainly give a puff for the Red Cross and anthology ventures.

    Our thoughts are with you

    The SF2 Concatenation team.

  2. Thanks for the good wishes.

    By the way, your site link got broken by WP – here is is for anybody interested