2012 Nat Con

This is a reminder to let fans know that bids to run the New Zealand Natcon for 2012 remain open. Bids are happily accepted. To send in a bid, please contact us at president@sffanz.sf.org.nz.

As most New Zealand fans know by now, there was no convention bid put forward at the 2010 Au Contraire National Convention for 2012.

If bids are received by SFFANZ by 31st March 2011, then voting will take place by email.  Any bids received after 31st March 2011 will be voted on at ConText in June 2011.

To avoid mishap, if anyone is considering putting on a bid for 2012, please let SFFANZ know soon.  It is important for you to drop us a line even if you would like to keep it out of the public domain at this point.

So far, SFFANZ has received no bids. However some con suggestions have been received by SFFANZ. These include having a mini-con, or a 2-day con over a non-statutory weekend or having it on Labour Weekend. Bids from South Island fans for a 2012 NatCon to be held in the South Island also welcomed. SFFANZ itself does not run such events, but we would welcome offers to run such a convention as an alternative to the traditional National Convention.


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