UnCONventional 2012 Organisation

UnCONventional will be held in Auckland during Queen’s Birthday weekend 2012.

Some firm decisions must be made in the next few days.  If you have any strong opinions about UnCONventional, now is the time to make yourself heard.

1/  The hotel?
2/  Potential GOH (do you want to pay extra for an Aussie GOH?)
3/  Banquet or alternatives?
4/  Hard-science topics vs the movie-style stuff?
5/  Registration – how do you think we should keep the cost down (without making a massive loss)?

Yes, I know there will be as many opinions as there are replies, but the concom will read them all before making a decision.

Please email your opinions to metric_squid@hotmail.com

Final decisions will be made on Friday 20th May 2011.

The initial progress report will – hopefully – be out before ConText.


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