The Southern Cross Novel Challenge

The Southern Cross Novel Challenge (SoCNoC, pronounced “sock-nock”), hosted by, encourages aspiring and veteran novelists alike to write a 50,000 word novel (or add 50,000 words to an existing novel or story collection) in the 30 days of June. At midnight on June 1st writers will dive into a no holds barred month of creation, manic typing, frantic plotting and late nights of fantasy.

Kiwi Writers co-founder Kerryn Angell says that sometimes the hardest thing is to just sit down and write. “Online challenges were a huge help to my own writing, but there just weren’t enough out there and some of them didn’t fit in so well with the southern hemisphere calendar. In the 4 years since Kiwi Writers began, I’m amazed at what our members have achieved.”

Staff member Anna Caro adds that it’s about more than just the 50,000 words. “There’s a great sense of community on the site, with members discussing everything from initial ideas to publication. Plus we run challenges all year round, for short stories, novellas, poetry and some planning exercises.”

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