European Autumnal Concatenation now up with NZ dimensions

We received the following from Concatenation and thought we should share it with you all….

Please forgive this impersonal circular but we have loads of people to contact and this e-mail is to just a few in NZ that may be interested. Of possible interest to NZ fans, the (European) Autumnal edition of SF2 Concatenation is now up.

Its rather large news page has an international SF awards section which naturally includes news of the Sir Julius Vogel Awards. Also, as the major British SF publishers also have Australasian distributions the news page’s forthcoming (Sept – Dec 2011) SF and fantasy book subsections may well be of interest to the NZ science fiction community. We also are pleased to have a stand-alone review of the 2011 Context NZ natcon.

Feel free to post those of the above links on appropriate NZ SF/F sites (if nothing else they demonstrate that there is interest in NZ SFnal activities in the world beyond).

(By the way, we have a hard link to the NZ 2012 natcon on our diary page. We put convention links there rather than on the news page, or the Context article (which has the unlinked URL) as convention websites tend to be transitory and net rot is the bane of our life given that the SF2 Concatenation website is now so big with well over a thousand pages that as it is cleaning the site takes the
best part of a day’s work and this we do once a year.)

Finally, thanks to everyone keeping us informed. We do like to include SF news from outside Europe, so do feel free to pass on information of SFnal interest. (Don’t forget there is the NZ Worldcon bid and it would be good every now and then to have a mention of any planning developments just to keep folk’s interest simmering along. We have a Eurocon/Worldcon news subsection.)


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