Tales From The Bell Club is open for submissions.

‘Tales from the Bell Club’ anthology is open for submissions. Paying US$25.00 for each story accepted. Open until December 23rd at the moment. Click
here for more information.

Release date: April 2012
Genre: Horror
We are now inviting submissions within the following guidelines for ‘Tales From The Bell Club’

Gentleman’s Clubs were fine establishments made famous by various books, radio play series’ and films. The clubs were places where explorers and adventurers would gather and tell stories of their adventures in exotic locations.

The Bell Club is different. Instead of being an adventurer’s club – it is an establishment that restricts its membership to those who have experienced unspeakable horror.

Successful membership requires the applicant to tell a story – and if the members find it disturbing enough – the applicant is granted access. It’s like a nascent support group for the traumatised.

No one judges or questions the stories told – because all the members have seen such things as no man can rationalise – and who are they to judge if a fellow storyteller is lying, mad or hallucinating?

By its nature the stories are set in the early years of the 20th Century, with male or female protagonists.

The submission guidelines are:

1. Stories must be suitable to be told in The Bell Club. A Gentleman’s Club (which does allow women members) where the members relate their personal stories of horrors they have witnessed or experienced.

2. The stories are being told in a setting between the years 1885 and 1935. The story should reflect this time setting, with exceptions suitable to the specific narrative.

3. Each story must be of a personal horror nature (and can include supernatural, monstrous, and other weird fiction elements). Tales that are told are where the protagonist experienced horror personally.

4. The stories are being narrated by the protagonist to other club members. This means stories should be told in the first person perspective (unless an exception fits the particular narrative style) but MUST be told from personal experience..

5. Stories should be in keeping with the setting in which the stories are told – so turn of the century knowledge, beliefs, cultural norms (1885-1935)

6. Story length should be between 3-10K words

7. No pornography. Gore, offensive language and sexual content should be within the context of the setting and cultural norms of the time period.

What rights do we want?

First publishing rights (print digital and audio), the right to use the story for as long as there is demand for the book, the right to edit each story for any missed grammatical errors, and the right to use parts of the book and the author’s name for promotion. You will keep all other rights and can republish the story anytime you choose after publication.

This is currently an open submission period. Submissions to remain open until filled or closing date is chosen. The anthology will be published by Knight Watch Press in Spring 2012.

Send submissions with standard manuscript formatting to:


Payment for your accepted submissions will be $25, one contributors copy (eBook) and a 25% off the cover price when buying at least 5 copies directly from KnightWatch.

ISBN – 978-0-9876914-5-3
Publisher: KnightWatch Press

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