Phoenix SF Society – December Calendar

Phoenix is a Wellington based SF/F/H club catering to fans of all fandom persuasions. The main meetings are held monthly on the second wednesday of the month. Other regular events also happen during the month.

  • Main Meeting – 14th December, 7.30pm – Topic: Annual Quiz and end of year party. Venue: Turnbull House, 11 Bowen Street, Wellington
  • Video – 16th December, 7.30pm – A chance to watch some videos in a friendly group – Lindenvale
  • Writers – 17th December, 12.30pm – Local support group for aspiring genre writers – Coco Cafe, Miramar
  • Biblio – 19th December, 5.30pm – Discussion group for readers – D4, Featherston Street
  • Board Gaming – 17th December, 6.30pm – Newlands

Note that some events are held at the homes of Phoenix members. For privacy reasons, these are not shown in full here. If you wish to visit these events or simply find out more about Phoenix, please email


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