UnCONventional: Join the Team

Now that 2012 has started, unCONventional is cranking up its activities with the convention only 5 months away. With that in mind, they are looking for new people the become part of the team. This can be in the role of joining the concom or simply as a helper looking after a niche (unCONventional call them noncoms). There are a bunch of roles that they are particularly looking for – there is more to read over on their blog with the roles and their descriptions. Please take a look.

Being involved in running a convention is the best way to become more involved in SF fandom and incidentally can be very satisfying and fun experience. Responsibilities are divided and shouldn’t be too onerous of your time and energy. If you have plans to do your own convention running, taking a role is also the best way to learn the ropes.

unCONventional is the 33rd New Zealand national Science Fiction and Fantasy convention which will be held in Auckland during Queen’s Birthday weekend 2012.


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