BattleCry Convention – February 17th – 19th

A reminder that it is only 2 weeks until BattleCry – The Convention of Games for Gamers.

ASB Stadium, Kohimarama, Auckland, New Zealand

Come along and attend Battlecry, Auckland’s largest all-round weekend gaming convention. On hand will be all manner of roleplaying, wargaming, cardgaming, and live-action tournaments and events, as well as a collection of stalls and displays of gaming materials. We welcome all comers, from experienced gamers to those of you out there that are merely curious as to what it is all about.

Entry into the venue is free, and we will have a number of likewise free events and demonstration games to keep you entertained during your time at Battlecry. If you are however interested in taking part in one or more of the tournaments being held over the weekend, there is a cost and we encourage you to pre-register and pay as early as possible to ensure a place, with prizes on hand for all such tournaments.


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