The Arrival by Shaun Tan

Anyone else interested?

We need 7 more to get the discount.

What drives so many people to leave behind everything they know to journey alone to a land where the future is unknown? Fleeing an oppressive force and leaving behind his wife and child, a man travels vast oceans in search of a better life. He encounters indecipherable languages, peculiar customs, curious animals and dazzling architecture. Baffled and bewildered, he endeavours to find a home, a job and the security he needs to reunite his family.

Adapted from the graphic novel by 2011 Academy Award winner Shaun Tan, The Arrival features no English language. Instead it brings Shaun’s wordless worlds to life with a highly physical cast, puppetry, music, and shadow play.  Suitable for 12 years and above, The Arrival, sends hearts and imaginations to a land of flying ships, strange birds and travelling balloons.

SFFANZ have organized discounted tickets to one of  New Zealand theatre’s most stunning and innovative works, returning to Auckland for three shows only!

Tickets are for the best seats in the house – $40.00 for adults, $20.00 for students/seniors.

The Arrival is on at the Aotea Centre on; Fri 13 Jul 7.30pm, Sat 14 Jul 7.30pm, Sun 15 Jul 4pm.

To take advantage of this price we need a minimum of 10 people.  Please email me by next Thursday 4pm if you wish to attend, state which performance(s) you can attend.

Like Shaun’s graphic novel the show is entirely visual. There is a rich sound scape but no English language. It is a very unique theatre experience and very accessible if people are not used to going to the theatre.

Jan Butterworth

Secretary/Press Officer




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