National Convention 2014

Jacqui Smith has announced her intention to run a convention in 2014. It
will be called ConClave II. It will be held in Auckland, probably over Queen’s Birthday weekend. Further details are still to be announced.

At unCONventional in 2012, there was no candidate for the National
convention in 2014. A motion was passed stating:

“Bids to be called for up to 30 November 2012. If no bids are received
that we try again on 31 March 2013, and if no bids are received, SFFANZ
is to begin contingency planning for the hosting of the AGM and awards
if there is no convention. If no bids are received by Au Contraire 2 (12-14th July 2013) then the contingency plan can be debated and ratified.”

Jacqui’s bid meets all the necessary criteria and we therefore propose
that it be accepted as the National convention for 2014 (and therefore
as the venue for the SFFANZ AGM and for the presentation of the Sir
Julius Vogel Awards).

We will shortly be asking SFFANZ members and unCONventional members to vote on this proposal and the decision will be ratified at the 2013 SFFANZ AGM.


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