GUFF Delegate in Wellington – Social Gathering

Mihaela Marija Perkovic is a Croatian science fiction fan who is also the GUFF Delegate Downunder for 2013. She has been travelling around Australia, attending Swancon & Conflux, and is arriving in Wellington today hoping to spend some time getting to know local SF fans. We are going to host a get together on Thursday evening (2/5/2013) to welcome her to Wellington and would like to invite you to join us.

To help you decide, a little more that you should know about Mihaela. She is from Croatia – a country of about the same population (4M) as New Zealand. Yet they manage to get 1300+ people to their national convention without turning it into an expo – a con for which Mihaela is the PR manager. She can also talk about the youth outreach programmes she runs there to successfully attract new young fans to their conventions and clubs. Or if you prefer she can talk about how fans have become successful publishers. Mihaela was very well received at Swancon and Conflux where she proved a friendly and chatty delegate. For more info, have a look at her web site ( or on twitter @rantalica.

Details: The venue is Avida – 132 Featherston St – on the corner with Johnston st. (That is the same corner as the Featherston and Leuven – our backup venues). The plan is to meet there after work on Thursday 2nd – say 6pm onwards and have a drink and possibly a meal while we chat.


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