GUFF Nominations for Loncon trip open

Nominations are now open for the GUFF trip to Loncon – the 2014 world SF convention to be held in London.

GUFF like other fan funds is a way of funding trips to major events for long serving fans. GUFF trips to European events are open to both Australian and New Zealand fans. The announcement can be found here. If you download the “ballot” form, it has more details about what the trip entails – benefits and responsibilities etc.

Unfortunately, SFFANZ has only just received this info and the nominations close soon. If you are interested but not sure if you can find suitable nominators in time, there are people within SFFANZ and elsewhere who would be more than willing to help. Drop us a line or leave a comment if you wish to get in touch.

2 responses to “GUFF Nominations for Loncon trip open

  1. I think Tim Jones would be a good candidate and I’m talking with him about this 🙂

    Other possibles could be Andi Caro and Kelly, or Stephen Minchin, or Matt Cowens.

  2. I remember Tim as a FFANZ delegate, so I’m sure he knows what is entailed with a fund aministrator role

    There are a few points I generally use when discussing with a prospective candidate:
    – that they genuinely understand the assignment and that it isn’t just a free trip – there is an ambassadorship role and fund raising.
    – A significant history of fannish activity – con running, club running, fan writing, fanzine publishing etc
    – current engagement in the local fan scene – able to talk about the current downunder scene and undertake fundraising within it
    – being able to effectively talk in public (presentations, panels etc) about their fan activity and what is going on down under.
    – in the case of DUFF and GUFF kiwi candidates, at least a little experience of the Aussie scene (and I’d hope vice versa) – most of the fund raising happens in Australia so there is liaison with them.