ARA – a sci fi movie

ARA is a indie self funded sci fi feature shot in Auckland New Zealand. It is currently in post production and seeking VFX Artists to help us speed up the post production process.
Our Post Production Team are Looking for VFX Co-Ordinator/Supervisor & 3DVFX Compositors…More details at the link below:
Stage32 Link :

(Artificial Reconstructive Anomaly) :
ARA (translates in other languages) – Path, Road, Awake, Arise, Watch


ARA is a Sci-Fi Thriller about a time of global transition, shifting alliances, a mass awakening of consciousness & ARA is the key.The man who gave ARA purpose is Jason, a grieving father and husband who happens to be biotech software engineer genius trapped in his own mind. He is trying to save his daughter Sam(Samara) from a fate soon to be the same as his recently departed wife. The world he knew is not the same any more. His creation ARA, himself and his daughter Sam(Samara) are in the hands of C.O.M.A. Corporation. The only reason Jason and Sam are still alive is because C.O.M.A Corp needs something else from them. But for how long they can stay alive? In which way the scales of reality will tip?

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