Only a few days left to vote in the GUFF Race

A final reminder that voting is still open for the 2019 GUFF race to send an Australian or New Zealand fan to Worldcon in Dublin. This year the race is between three candidates – two of them Kiwis. The candidates are:
Lynelle Howell (New Zealand)
Simon Litten (New Zealand)
Nicole Murphy (Australia).

A few points

  • No Kiwi has ever been a GUFF delegate.  The feeling is that with CoNZealand next year, that this may be the time to change that.
  • The administrators obviously cannot tell us who has voted so far, but they can tell us which countries have supplied the votes and New Zealand is lagging way behind. Even allowing for the different fandom sizes, we are not voting. So please vote.
  • Anybody in SF fandom can vote, That means YOU CAN VOTE- just subscribing to this news feed should pretty much make you an eligible fan.
  • The vote uses the Aussie preferential system. This means that with three candidates the preferences will probably come in to play. Keep this in mind when voting.

The link to the voting page is
Voting closes on 22nd April, 2019. The form contains a short info statement from each candidate. For more information about the candidates, check out this set of interviews by the current GUFF European administrator.

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