Awardwatch : 2019 Aurealis Awards shortlist

The 2019 Aurealis Awards shortlist has been released. As is our way, we have looked through the list of nominees for this exclusively Australian award for New Zealanders. So, congratulations to Juliet Marillier and Bren MacDibble. If you have spotted any others, let us know in the comments.

Fair play to the Aurealis organisers – both Kiwis are people who have lived and worked in Aussie for a long time. We all know of instances when Australians have tried to appropriate New Zealand artists and sportspeople based on their merely visiting for a bit. Nothing like that going on here.

One response to “Awardwatch : 2019 Aurealis Awards shortlist

  1. Blowing my own trumpet, I suppose, but my novella, “Ventiforms” is also a finalist. I live in New Zealand, but have dual citizenship so I’m lucky enough to be eligible under the rules.