Incheon City Concept Design Competition – NZ Division

Weta Workshop are calling for New Zealand tertiary students to turn their imaginations into pieces of art for the second Incheon City Concept Design Competition. Now, as even we at SFFANZ News know, Incheon is a city in north-west South Korea, but this competition has Weta involvement, so there is a New Zealand division local students can enter. Since travel to Incheon isn’t really on right now, the competition has cash prizes this year.

This year there are offering two alternate design briefs for you to choose from:

Option 1. Imagine a time traveller from 1900AD (could be English, Korean, Chinese etc) that arrives in Incheon 2077.

Option 2. A time traveller from the year 2077 travels back to London or Wellington, New Zealand or even Incheon Circa 1900.

For reasons we don’t really understand, Weta only told us about this today and entries close on the 23rd May, so you might have to get busy.

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