Voting is open for the SJV awards (plus Voters Pack)

Voting is now open for the 2021 Sir Julius Vogel Awards. Voting closes on 31st May 2021. All the information or links to it can be found on the Sir Julius Vogel Award Finalists announcement. However, we have included some key links for you below…

This is the link to the voting form pdf download. Note that the behaviour of this link will vary according to the way your browser has been set up. For example, if you get a blank page, it may be that the pdf file is already in your download directory.

The voting form pdf contains instructions on how to fill out the form. You can edit it directly on your device or print the form and fill it in manually. You can fill the ballot form in electronically and email it to us at, or print it and mail it to: SJV Votes, P.O. Box 13-574, Johnsonville, Wellington.

We know many of you have been waiting for the SJV Voters Packet containing samples of the nominated works. It is now available – read the instructions here.

In previous years, you could vote or get the voters packet if you were a member of the national convention (you will find mention of that in some of the links). However there is no such convention this year, so the only way to partake is to be a member of SFFANZ. Have a read of the joining instructions or read our previous post, but ignore any stuff about paying by cheque – that option is about to cease to exist.

Information about the award ceremony will be available shortly.


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