One Humanity Writing Collective

The following came into SFFANZ. It appears to be some sort of international collaborative writing project which includes New Zealand. A bit of quick checking seems to show that it is not a phishing scam. So if it is the sort of thing that may interest you, then go ahead and look at the web site. However, if you are interested we do strongly urge you to do your due diligence. Please make sure you clearly understand the underlying motivations of the organisation and be very clear who owns the rights to anything you contribute.

My name is Fabrice Guerrier, I am the founder of Syllble, a speculative fiction house for writers and creatives. Syllble is collaborating with The Innovation Station: Creative Industry Lab at the U.S Department of State on a program called the One Humanity Writing Collective. The program will convene fiction writers from Alaska, Hawai’i, and Puerto Rico with fiction writers from Australia and New Zealand to write stories together inspired by their shared experiences and ideas. The one-year program will ask these writers to jointly create stories based on monthly prompts related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and global challenges.

Syllble is accepting applicants to this program (in the locations listed above) on Syllble’s website here: The website also contains information regarding the goals and timeline of the program that will be important for applicants. The deadline to apply is June 3, 2021, and successful applicants will be notified by mid-June prior to the collective’s first virtual meeting in July.

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