NZSA New Zealand Heritage Literary Awards

The New Zealand Society of Authors (Canterbury) have sent us a press release to say that the NZSA New Zealand Heritage Literary Awards will open for entries on the 1st June 2021.

Now this has caused a bit of discussion at the SFFANZ virtual office. On one hand, this news blog has a rule about only posting material that has a specific sf/f/h connection. This press release does not mention our genre (or any genre) at all. On the other hand, they did specifically send it to us and we do know that a lot of writers read this blog.

Here is the key text from the press release.

Books published between 1 June 2020 and 1 August 2021 and linked to New Zealand’s heritage, can be submitted for fiction book, non-fiction book, children’s book, and a book written in Te Reo Maori. Books that have only been published digitally will not be accepted. There are two online entry categories for short prose and poetry.

The competition opens on 1 June and closes on 1 August 2021. All entries should have some relationship with the theme of the Christchurch I Heritage Festival 2021: People and Place – our stories revealed. Full submission details along with the entry form, fees and terms and conditions can be found at:

Are you interested? Some more information of interest…

We had a look at some of the previous winners and the judges for this competition. There aren’t any genre names that we recognise. The names we do recognise seem to come from a set with a very narrow idea of what constitutes literature. Perhaps its time to change that and expose them to some of our considerable local talent.

The link provided takes you to a password protected page. Another one of our rules is that we don’t promote “member-only” items. But the press release says nothing about it being restricted in any way. Another puzzle. There is an email address ( however.

The press release came through as an image file. We had to OCR it to give you the above text. It makes you wonder why they made it so hard for us to transcribe to here.

So you can see why it caused discussion. Feel free to contribute – use our facebook feed if you want to comment. Remember that if you get this by email or RSS etc that there is a lag of a few hours before it shows up on fb.

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