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Times when our activities have been reported by others

Awardswatch : Angelique Kasmara

Oops, we missed somebody on the Ngaio Marsh longlist. Isobar Precinct by Angelique Kasmara is also featured there. Angelique is a finalist for the Sir Julius Vogel award in the New Talent section. Congratulations Angelique! (and sorry).

Thanks to Lynelle for spotting the omission.

By the way, this is the second year in a row that somebody has made both awards in the same year. Octavia Cade did it in 2021.

Awardwatch : Nalini Singh

The Ngaio Marsh Awards have celebrated the best New Zealand crime, mystery, thriller, and suspense writing since 2010. So why are we looking at them on our blog which doesn’t cover any of those. We do love to note occasions where people from our genre cross over into another genre.

Nalini Singh is known to us as a writer of paranormal romances – a category that is a crossover by itself. But Nalini has gone beyond that and got herself on the long list for The Ngaio Marsh Awards for best novel. Well done Nalini and all the best getting to the next stage.

Auckland Writers Festival 2022

It’s worth repeating – we have an odd attitude towards the Writers Festival. Every year, covid notwithstanding, they put together a great programme of literary events. And every year, for this news blog, we scan through programme looking for genre items – any genre actually, not just ours. To be fair, we usually do find one or two, but it does always seem a bit token in nature.

However, the tokens are usually really high quality. For example, this year we have Elizabeth Knox and Lee Murray in event 86 Frankenstein’s Children.

Its a free event! Why don’t you head to the Aotea Centre on 18 Aug and support Lee and Elizabeth. It should be a fascinating discussion and if we get a good crowd along it will show the event organisers that genre based events are popular and there should be more of them!

Hugo Awards – Local Interest

We goofed! As is our way, we looked at the 2022 Hugo Award Finalists list trying to spot Kiwis, and didn’t spot any. But we missed somebody – Lore Olympus, vol. 1, by Rachel Smythe has made the ballot under Best Graphic Story or Comic.

Rachel is described as “a comic artist and folklorist based out of Wellington, New Zealand.” Lore Olympus is described as “a modern-day deconstruction of the classic Greek myth, The Abduction of Persephone.”

So please, belatedly, join us in congratulating Rachel as well as all the other finalists.

Australian Shadows Awards Winners

An update to our previous post about the Australian Shadows Awards. The winners have now been announced. Congratulations everybody.

If you are still playing “spot the Kiwi” – check out the Poetry award.
PS – Congratulations Lee!!!!

Australian Shadows Awards Finalists

At the risk of repeating ourselves, the Australian Shadows Awards are an Australasian award meaning it includes New Zealand writers. The 2021 awards finalists have been announced. Yes, there are Aussies on the list, but there are also Kiwis. And Kiwis living in Australia. And Aussies living in Aotearoa. Have a look and see if you can figure out which is which.

Congratulations to all the finalists (but especially to the Kiwis).

Aotearoa New Zealand Festival of the Arts

As you probably know, we like scan through festival progamme listings looking for things relevant to our SF/F/H genre community. It can be dispiriting at times. But then we have something like this. The Aotearoa New Zealand Festival of the Arts, in Feb/Mar next year in Wellington, has a bunch of genre related items for you to check out. Following are a list we found after a quick look through, but it almost certainly isn’t all. So check out the full list of items to see what else is on. Note we have mentioned a few of these before in a standalone context, but all these are festival item versions.

Horizons - with Prof Brian Cox
Destination Mars – From the makers of APOLLO 13: Mission Control
N.K. Jemisin – in conversation with Elizabeth Knox
Another Universe – alternate history as spoken word art
Whiti Hereaka with Cassie Hart – talking about Cassie’s new book
Nalini Singh and Steff Green – in discussion with Cassie Hart
Books in the Time of the Pandemic – including Octavia Cade
Life on Mars – more Octavia Cade, Cassie Hart and Nalini Singh
Life on Mars – Australian Edition
Tania Roxborogh – 2021 Margaret Mahy Book of the Year author

Zoom Author Talks: Tamsyn Muir and Juliet Marillier

Nelson Public Libraries are hosting two expat NZ author talks on Zoom that will be open for anyone to attend from home!

Tuesday 19th October from 7pm – Tamsyn Muir – author of the Locked Tomb series –

Thursday 21st October from 5pm- Juliet Marillier – author of Sevenwaters series, Blackthorn and Grim, and Warrior Bards –

Email to receive a Zoom invite. If you have any questions for the authors, feel free to send those through as well.

We suspect there are quite a few events held similar to these. We don’t post them because we don’t get to hear about them. So if you know of confirmed events which directly relate to Kiwi SF/F/H, then please let us know by email at or by using our contact form.

Matt Morris talks about Pratchett’s Mort

Matt Morris from Arty Bees Books in Wellington went on RNZ’s Nine to Noon show to talk about a favourite book. The book in question is Mort by Terry Pratchett.

Have a listen on RNZ’s replay site.

Maybe then go and re-read you copy of Mort – that’s what I’m going to do.

2021 Arthur C. Clarke Award

So, this one came out a couple of days ago – The Animals In That Country by Laura Jean McKay is the winner of the 2021 Arthur C. Clarke Award for science fiction book of the year.

We didn’t post it because all our news feeds blew up with “Australian wins Arthur C. Clarke Award”. BUT look at this article on Stuff. So it turns out we can claim her as a Kiwi!

Big congratulations to Laura Jean McKay wherever she makes her home.

As an aside, its been a while since we posted anything – sorry about that. We weren’t on holiday – its just that we didn’t see anything eligible to post. So if you have any Kiwi SF/F/H news, let us know at

Awardwatch : The Shirley Jackson Awards

The Shirley Jackson Awards are given for outstanding achievement in the literature of psychological suspense, horror, and the dark fantastic. The awards for the 2020 calendar year have just been announced as part of Readercon 31.

Of course there is Kiwi involvement or we wouldn’t be posting this. Look down the list to Edited Anthology and you will see Black Cranes: Tales of Unquiet Women, edited by Lee Murray & Geneve Flynn (Omnium Gatherum). Yes, Lee has bagged another major award – many congratulations!

If watching award ceremonies is your thing, a video of the ceremonies is here. This is the video that was shown at Readercon

Awardwatch : Self Published Science Fiction Competition

We spotted this on File 770
“The inaugural Self Published Science Fiction Competition (SPSFC) judging teams have now been assigned their books — here are the titles, authors and covers of the works that will be judged in the first round by Team File 770”.

Have a look at the list of book covers. As usual we are on the lookout for any Kiwi connections. A shout out to M Darusha Wehm who is hidden down at the bottom left corner.

Did you spot any other locals? Let us know if there is anybody else to celebrate.

Christchurch Word Festival – Events of Note

The Christchurch Word Festival is on August 25-29 this year.

Our attention has been drawn to two specfic items on the programme:

Speed Date a Speculative Fiction Author“, featuring Graci Kim, Cassie Hart, Sascha Stronach, and Karen Healey

The Stardust Cabaret“, including Sascha Stronach and AJ Fitzwater, with “star-stuff infused performances”

A huge shout-out to AJ Fitzwater for passing the information on to us. Not to mention being a guest curator for the event.

Library Interview with Lee Murray

Wellington City Libraries have written about their interview with award-winning NZ author Lee Murray. The online interview will debut on the 25th of July at 7.30 pm. You can read about the interview and other stuff about Lee on their Library Blog article. There is lots of good stuff there including info about other awards Lee is up for that we haven’t featured in our Awardwatch segment.

We feature Lee a lot on this blog. There is a simple reason for that- Lee has been doing so much great work. However we are sure she would be the first to agree with us that we want to celebrate all New Zealand’s talented voices and their own great work. So if you have anything to share with us, please drop us a line at We don’t post about product (book) releases but anything else like launch events, readings, press articles etc are all good as long as there is a local connection and it is somehow sf/f/h related.

Awardwatch – 2021 Ngaio Marsh Awards

The Ngaio Marsh Awards are the New Zealand crime fiction award. Under normal circumstances we wouldn’t post their awards info, but have a look at the 2021 long list. Look at that first entry – The Stone Weta, by Octavia Cade (Paper Road Press). That very same work is on the Sir Julius Vogel Awards ballot.

Congratulations – Way to cross genres Octavia.

Awardwatch : Aurealis Awards

The 2020 Aurealis Awards were announced July 8 by the Continuum Foundation. The award recognizes the achievements of Australian science fiction, fantasy and horror writers.

Every time the Aurealis and Ditmar award winners are announced we trawl through the winners looking for expat Kiwis making good over the Tasman. Sometimes we don’t see any as is the case in this year’s Aurealis awards (awarded this year for work published last year). But then looking through the writer bios we see this phrase “I am a New Zealand-based writer…”. So yes, Nikky Lee was born is Western Australia but we can claim her – right? Especially as her name appears on the winners list twice!

Congratulations to Nikky and all the winners.

Awardwatch : Australian Shadows Awards

A few weeks back we highlighted how many Kiwis there were on the shortlist for the Australian Shadows Awards. Well now, the Australasian Horror Writers Association have announced the winners and I’m sure none of you will be surprised to see that New Zealanders feature there as well. So, huge congratulations to Tabatha and Lee (and of course all the other winners as well).

Awardwatch : 2020 Bram Stoker Awards Winners

Back in February we posted about the Bram Stoker Awards ballot. We highlighted Lee Murray appearing twice on that ballot.

Well guess what?! The final results are out and Lee has won in both categories she was nominated (Superior Achievement in a Fiction Collection and Superior Achievement in an Anthology). Congratulation Lee.

Awardwatch : 2020 Australian Shadows Awards finalists

The finalists for the 2020 Australian Shadows Awards have been announced. You can see the full list of finalists on their blog.

The thing is, as we have pointed out before, these awards are labelled “Australian” but they are awarded by the “Australasian” Horror Writers Association (the AHWA). And they are quite clear that this means New Zealand authors and works are eligible. So there should be lots of Kiwis on the ballot – and there are. You will find names such as Lee Murray, Dan Rabarts,Tabatha Wood and Cassie Hart on the list. And there are others who are Aussie based who qualify as Kiwis.

Congratulations to all the finalists – even the Aussies.

Awardwatch – The 2021 Hugo Awards

Kiwis on the Hugo ballot – that’s not something you get to write very often. Well never – not before today that is! DisCon III have announced the ballot for the 2021 Hugo awards (watch here or read here) and there are three names that stand out for locals…

Tamsyn Muir has been nominated in Best Novel for Harrow the Ninth.

Laya Rose has been nominated for Best Fan Artist.

Cassie Hart has been nominated for Best Related Work for CoNZealand Fringe.

As always, congratulations to all the finalists. The Hugo awards will be presented at DisCon III.