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Locus Recommended List – The Kiwi View

The 2020 Locus Recommended Reading List from the magazine’s February issue has been posted by Locus Online. The list is a consensus by the Locus editors, columnists, outside reviewers, and other professionals and critics of genre fiction and non-fiction.

But on this news blog we are obliged to find a local angle beyond just a great reading list. So looking through this list we spotted at least three Kiwi authors. But we probably missed some, so how about you tell us who you spotted – we will leave comments open for this one. Any local connection will do – citizen, resident, ex-pat or just somebody who lived here and identifies with the place (we are looking at you Tamsyn Muir).

Don’t forget the poll. The 2021 Locus Poll & Survey is accepting votes from all now to decide the winners of the Locus Awards. (The list is labeled with the year of publication, the survey with the year in which it is being taken.) The poll closes April 15.

Final Ballot nominees for 2018 Sir Julius Vogel Awards – Fan Awards

The Sir Julius Vogel Award sub-committee is pleased to announce the finalists for the 2018 Sir Julius Vogel Awards.  The awards will be presented at Conclave3, to be held over Easter weekend this year.

This list, plus a full list of nominated works will be available on our website shortly.

The nominees in the “Fan Categories” are:

Best Fan Artwork

John Toon, for cartoons in Phoenixine and 2017 LexiCon convention booklet.


Best Fan Production/Publication

Phoenixine, edited by John and Lynelle Howell

Lexicon convention booklet, produced by Darusha Wehm

Summer Star Trek – Journey to Babel, Enterprise Entertainment


Best Fan Writing

Alex Lindsay for SITREP (produced in Phoenixine)

Jo Toon for Pass the Rules (produced in Phoenixine)


Services to Fandom

(Platform descriptions for the nominees will be provided in the official list on the SFFANZ web site.)

Jan Butterworth


Services to Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

(Platform descriptions for the nominees will be provided in the official list on the SFFANZ web site.)

Andi Buchanan

Darian Smith


Note that “Professional Categories” were be posted in an earlier post.

Final Ballot nominees for 2018 Sir Julius Vogel Awards – Professional

The Sir Julius Vogel Award sub-committee is pleased to announce the finalists for the 2018 Sir Julius Vogel Awards.  The awards will be presented at Conclave3, to be held over Easter weekend this year.

This list, plus a full list of nominated works will be available on our website shortly.

The nominees in the “Professional Categories” are:

Best Novel
In the Earth’s Embrace, by J.C. Hart (Etherhart Press)
Bastet’s Daughters, by Lyn McConchie (Wildside Press)
Tyche’s Flight, by Richard Parry (Independent)
Hounds of the Underworld, by Dan Rabarts and Lee Murray (Raw Dog Screaming Press)
Starlight’s Children, by Darian Smith (Wooden Tiger Press)

Best Youth Novel
Earthcore, Book 1: RotoVegas, by Grace Bridges (Splashdown Books)
The Locksmith, by Barbara Howe (IFWG Publishing)
A Dash of Belladonna, by J. Rackham (Lemon Ink)
The Kahutahuta, by Douglas A. Van Belle (Intergalactic Media Group)
The Traitor and the Thief, by Gareth Ward (Walker Books Australia)

Best Novella/Novelette
The Meiosis of Cells and Exile, by Octavia Cade, published in Asimov’s Science Fiction, Jan/Feb 2017 edition
Standard Hollywood Depravity, by Adam Christopher (Tor)
Beautiful Abomination, by Frances Duncan
Matters Arising from the Identification of the Body, by Simon Petrie (Peggy Bright Books)
Blood Money, by Chris Underwood

Best Short Story
Earthcore: Initiation” by Grace Bridges, published on
Syren Song” by A.C Buchanan, published in Kaleidotrope.
The Stone Weta” by Octavia Cade, published in Clarkesworld, issue 131.
From the Womb of the Land, Our Bones Entwined” by A.J. Fitzwater, published in Pacific Monsters anthology (Fox Spirit Books).
Crimson Birds of Small Miracles” by Sean Monaghan, published in Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, Jan/Feb 2017.

Best Collected Work
Mariah’s Prologues, by Grace Bridges
Once Upon a Southern Star: A Collection of Retold Fairy Tales, edited by Shelley Chappell

Best Production/Publication
Mistlands, by Laya Rose

Best Artwork
Earthcore: Initiation, story poster by Grace Bridges
Cover for Teleport, by Kate Strawbridge
Cover for Beneath Broken Waves, by Kate Strawbridge
Cover for The Madman’s Bridge, by Patrick McDonald
Cover for In the Earth’s Embrace, by Kate Strawbridge

Best Dramatic Presentation
The Changeover, directed by Stuart McKenzie and Miranda Harcourt, produced by Emma Slade (Firefly Films)
The Cul de Sac, season 2, (Greenstone TV)
One Thousand Ropes, directed by Tusi Tamasese (Blueskin Films)

Best New Talent

(Platform descriptions for the nominees will be provided in the official list on the SFFANZ web site.)

Barbara Howe

Mark Johnson

J. Rackham

Gareth Ward


Note that “Fan Awards” will be posted in the following post.

DUFF Delegate Coming to Lexicon

Paul Weimer, the DUFF Delegate for 2017, is planning to attend Lexicon in Taupo, NZ (2-4 June) before heading on to Continuum in Melbourne the following weekend. Is there anyone out there willing to show a bit of kiwi hospitality and host or transport Paul on part of his trip? Hosting a fan fund delegate is a great way to meet new people and get involved with the international side of the fan movement.

Paul, notes the following details about his trip
“I arrive in Auckland early morning the 29th
I am booked in the hotel in Taupo for NZ Natcon Thursday the 1st and leave on Monday the 5th
The evening of Wednesday the 7th, I fly out of Wellington and arrive in Melbourne!”

Drop him a line on FB if you can help.

Free to a good home

A large collection of science fiction magazines from the 1950s – 1970’s needs a new home

Some of the collections are entire, with Astounding and Fantasy just two of the titles.

They belonged to the owner’s father who was an avid science fiction collector for all of his life.  She has held the collection for 30 years but can longer house them and would love to donate the collection to someone or some ones who would cherish them. She is reluctant to sell them because she is hoping to find someone would want them for their own pleasure.

If intereted contact


Finalists for 2016 Sir Julius Vogel Awards have been announced

The final nomination list for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards of 2016 is available here.

Fat Zombie Not-A-Book-Launch Thingy

Fat Zombie – Edited by Paul Mannering.

“Not a Book Launch – Honest”.

Friday 6th March. Miramar Gasworks.
11 Tauhinu Road, Miramar., Wellington
4:30pm – 8:00pm

“Come have a drink with the editor and some contributors to the anthology Fat Zombie – Stories of Unlikely Survivors from the Apocalypse. There won’t be books to buy, but we’d love to see you anyhoo.

Note: This is a top secret thingy. Not a book launch. Honest. Please don’t tell and invite everyone you know. We haven’t even booked the venue, we’re just gatecrashing. Cos that’s how zombie authors roll.

P.S. Just kidding. Please invite everyone you know. But there still won’t be any books to buy. We just like company.”

FFANZ Voting has started

Voting for the 2015 FFANZ delegate has started. All the details can be found here.

For 2015, the race is to find an Australian delegate to attend the NZ Natcon at Easter in Rotorua.

Remember that voting is a fundraising activity for FFANZ. Even if you know who will be the delegate it is important to vote to help fund the trip.

2014 GUFF Race to Loncon

The ballot for the 2014 GUFF delegate from Australasia to Europe is now available.  You can read all about the race and the candidates here. There is also an online form over here which may be more convenient for New Zealand fans.

The winning candidate will attend Loncon Worldcon and possibly other events such as Shamrokon which is the Eurocon this year. Although GUFF is open to Kiwis, there are no New Zealand candidates this year although you may be able to spot one in the nominators lists.

About GUFF
What is GUFF? GUFF was created in 1979. Known as the Get Up-and-over Fan Fund or the Going Under Fan Fund, depending on which direction it’s running, GUFF exists to provide funds to enable well-known fans from Australasia and Europe to visit each other’s national (or other) conventions and to get to know each other’s fandoms better. GUFF, like other fan funds, exists solely through the support of fandom. The candidates for each trip are voted on by interested fans, and each vote is accompanied by a monetary donation. These votes, and the continuing generosity of fandom through auctions and other donations, are what make GUFF possible.

Kath Bergner

Many fans in the Wellington area will know Kath Bergner from various fannish and other events over the years. We are sad to note her passing and are sure you wish to join us in passing on our condolences to Annette, Laurie and the rest of her loved ones. Following is the funeral notice from the Dominion Post.

BERGNER, Kathleen Jones (nee Duffield).

Kathleen died peacefully aged 80 at Mary Potter Hospice in the early hours of Sunday, 25th November 2012, following a long illness. She will be sorely missed by her loving children Annette and Christopher, her brother Geoffrey and sister in-laws Marjorie and Audrey, her son-in law Laurie, her grand-children Sarah and Milo and extended family and friends in New Zealand, the UK and Australia.

Special thanks to Kathleen’s personal carers Sharon, Lorraine and Sian and the Mary Potter Hospice staff for their kind and thoughtful support.

Rather than flowers, donations may be made to the Mary Potter Hospice , PO Box 7442, Wellington South or to a charity of choice.

Messages to the Bergner family may be left in Kathleen’s tribute book at or posted c/o 4 Moorefield Road, Johnsonville.

A funeral service will be held at the Guardian Funeral Home Chapel, 4 Moorefield Road, Johnsonville on Friday 30th November 2012 at 11:30am and will be followed by a private cremation.

Competition To Win Autographed Art Work For Book Cover

Whether you’re a fan of NZ’s top comics artist Dylan Horrocks, or whether you’ve enjoyed Gareth Renowden’s new science-fiction satire The Aviator, a large A3 collector’s edition of the cover would look good on your wall, wouldn’t it? So here’s how you get one…

Try this little quiz: a challenge for lovers of good books. The first paragraph of Chapter Three of The Aviator – where the airship’s AI pilot wakes up after a forced shutdown – is a mash-up of lines from ten literary works. Nearly all of them have something in common, and three are linked by way of pun.

The first person to name all ten works and the links between them wins an exclusive A3 poster of The Aviator cover, signed by its creator, the brilliant comics artist Dylan Horrocks (and signed by the author of the book as well).

TO ENTER: either buy a copy of the book from:

or download the free text samples available from Amazon, Apple iBooks, Smashwords and Diesel, or the publisher’s web site:

Read the paragraph mentioned above and post your entries as a comment to either the blog post at The Burning World introducing the competition:

or on the announcement on The Aviator’s Facebook page:

Note: If you don’t have an ebook reader, or ebook reader software on your computer, tablet or phone, download Amazon’s Kindle reader software, which is free and available for Mac/PC/Android/iOS. Or you can read the free sample text online at Smashwords:

The competition will CLOSE AT MIDNIGHT ON NOVEMBER 30TH (NZ time). In the event that no-one has successfully named all ten works, the poster will go to the person who gets most correct. There won’t be any other clues…

Anyone who shares this post on Facebook or Twitter will go in to win a free signed copy of the paperback version of the book!

Good luck!

Click here to see an image of the cover.

New Zealand Science Fiction On Screen

New Zealand On Screen have launched a new collection focusing on the small but perfectly formed history of sci-fi in NZ film & television. 
The collection features episodes, excerpts, music videos and more from the last several decades of Kiwi screen production. 
There is an introduction from Weta’s Greg Broadmore (who wants to see a feature film made called “Maoris in Space”), great piece from Maurice Gee on what he thinks is the most terrifying moment in Under The Mountain, and editor Paul Stanley Ward gives NZ sci-fi on screen the once-over. 

FFANZ Result

The Fan Fund of Australia and New Zealand (FFANZ) is pleased to announce the result of the 2012 FFANZ ballot, and Edwina Harvey is the FFANZ delegate for 2012. The result was unanimous.

Edwina will be travelling to New Zealand to attend unCONventional and incidentally promote her new book while there.

Awards Watch – Ditmar Awards

The finalists for the Ditmar awards have been announced. The Ditmars are the Australian National SF awards – the equivalent of our Sir Julius Vogel Awards. The awards press release and full list of finalists can be found here on the Continuum 8 web site.

We would like to congratulate all finalists. Of particular note for New Zealanders are NZ born writers Lucy Sussex and the late Paul Haines.

Sir Julius Vogel Awards 2012

The final nomination list for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards for 2012 is now available

“The Thing” DVD – Prizewinners

The names of the contestants were written on separate pieces of paper which were carefully folded and placed in the SFFANZ President’s black Akubra hat, the one with a lucky feather in the hatband. The Presidents wife picked three pieces of paper from the hat and read out the names of the winners. In the order drawn, the winners of the DVDs are:

Zara Baxter
John Howell
Kevin Maclean

Congratulations to the winners.

Book Launch – The Prince of Soul and The Lighthouse by Fredrik Brounéus

Steam Press is very pleased to invite you to the launch of The Prince of Soul and The Lighthouse by Fredrik Brounéus

From 5.30 pm, Wednesday 14 March 2012 at Lamason, 28 Lombard St, Wellington. Meet the author, enjoy a glass of wine, discuss the dangers of alchemy.

An 80 page excerpt from this book is available from the Steampress website. Along with more information and some more review quotes like these…

“A terrific story; funny, original and surprising” – Fleur Beale.

“Swedish he may be, but Brounéus comes perilously close to having written the great New Zealand visionary fiction novel… a rollicking adventure – humorous and as exciting as an Indiana Jones escapade” – Sunday Star Times.

Bookseller web site – feedback requested

Arty Bees are a well known Wellington bookshop who have a strong emphasis on SF/F/H material. They are well known friends to the local fan community. They are in the middle of trialling a new web site up at and are keen to get any feedback from people who are likely to be using it. So they have asked fans to go to the site and have a look around.

Rememebr that this is a work in progress at the moment. Once they have all the wrinkles ironed out it will be available at the URL of their existing site (

UnCONventional: Join the Team

Now that 2012 has started, unCONventional is cranking up its activities with the convention only 5 months away. With that in mind, they are looking for new people the become part of the team. This can be in the role of joining the concom or simply as a helper looking after a niche (unCONventional call them noncoms). There are a bunch of roles that they are particularly looking for – there is more to read over on their blog with the roles and their descriptions. Please take a look.

Being involved in running a convention is the best way to become more involved in SF fandom and incidentally can be very satisfying and fun experience. Responsibilities are divided and shouldn’t be too onerous of your time and energy. If you have plans to do your own convention running, taking a role is also the best way to learn the ropes.

unCONventional is the 33rd New Zealand national Science Fiction and Fantasy convention which will be held in Auckland during Queen’s Birthday weekend 2012.

UnCONnventional : Call for Item Participants

UnCONventional, the 2012 NZ national SF&F Convention, welcomes everybody to 2012 with the publication of our list of programme items that we plan to offer as well as a matching draft timetable.

Now we need participants to make sure that they all happen. If the idea of being at the helm of or just helping out with any item takes your fancy, or if there’s something else you want to run, please let the ConCom know ASAP!

We are throwing this call out to everybody in an effort to be as inclusive as possible – anybody who wants to participate should be given the opportunity. Please take a look at what we want to run and see what takes your fancy. You don’t have to be an expert, just interested in a subject and be prepared to talk about it. Remember that you won’t be alone up there – panels, like the convention as a whole, are a cooperative endeavour. Even if you don’t have a specific panel in mind, but would like to have a go, drop us a line – we can find something that matches your interests.

Do you have something else you would like to run? We still have slots in the timetable for more items, so we would love to hear from you. But please let us know soon as we have a bunch of readings, signings, kaffeeklatches and gaming yet to be added.

You can contact us at or by using our volunteer form.