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Wellycon Board Gaming Convention

There is a significant overlap between sf/f/h fans and boardgaming. With this in mind, some of you may be interested in Wellycon which is in the planning stages for a two day event this year. Planned dates are 30-31 May 2015.

Wellycon 2013 – Boardgame Convention

Wellycon is a board gaming convention run in (not surprisingly) Wellington. The 2013 edition will be run on 1-2 June on the Massey University Wellington campus. This is the 6th Wellycon and they claim to be the largest boardgame convention in the nation.

Visit their web site or facebook page for all the details.

Note that SFFANZ News is happy to publicise major events which have a strong overlap with SF/F/H fandom such as board gaming, RPG, LARP etc. Drop us a line or use our submission page if you have an event you want to tell us about.