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New Science Fiction & Fantasy Bookstore in Oamaru

A specialty Science Fiction & Fantasy bookstore is coming to Oamaru.   Check them out on facebook.

The shop also has a blog which reviews Science Fiction and Fantasy books every week and sometimes interviews authors.

Drop in on yor next visit to the Steampunk capital city!

Stella 459 — A Steampunk Film

Jonathon Rayner-Burt is the director of a Steampunk/sci-fi short film project called Stella 459 (www.stella459.com).
The teaser trailer for this this is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOxv4-eJ1cY
With casting well underway, Stella 459 plans to shoot this in November of this year.  As the project did not qualify for public funding, they are hitting the fundraising trail hard in order to raise the capital required for props, wardrobe and set construction.
In Auckland on September 1st Stella 459 are running a Steampunk themed High Tea event at the historic Ferndale House to help with this.
Please visit their website for more information and for contribution details.

Attention Steampunkers!

Entry to Auckland’s MOTAT is free for the month of June.

See here for details.

AetherCon! The Steampunk Convention — Wellington

AetherCon, the Steampunk convention is coming to Wellington later in the year. Right now there is a facebook page devoted to it. Things appear to still be in the planning stage, so now is your chance to have your say.

Short story competition

SpecFicNZ are holding a short story competition in conjunction with Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris, authors of the steampunk adventure Phoenix Rising and publishers of the fiction podcast ‘Tales from the Archives’.

Submissions will be open throughout January 2012.

The competition is open to all citizens and residents of New Zealand and has a monetary and publication prize. Further details about the competition can be found here.

Airship Awards Announced

The Airship Awards honour the achievements and contributions of the Steampunk community. The are presented at Steamcon, the third edition of which was held in Seattle last weekend.

The results are now available over at the Airship Ambassador blog. New Zealand author Pip Ballantine with collaborator/husband Tee Morris won the “Written” award for Phoenix Rising: A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Novel.

2011 Steampunk: tomorrow as it used to be exhibition

Proving once again that Oamaru is the New Zealand capital of steampunk, preparations are underway for the 2011 ‘Steampunk: tomorrow as it used to be’ exhibition. It runs from 15th October to 27th November 2011 at the Forrester Gallery, Thames St., Oamaru .

If you are interested in exhibiting, expressions of interest are welcomed until 16th September 2011. The criteria for the exhibits is that they:

  • are of a Victorian look and feel
  • there is a science fiction element about them
  • there is a back story of 100 words

Exhibits may be 2D art, 3D sculptures, short films, inventions, contraptions, or working machines. Remember that this is a public display and pieces must be safe for the public to be near. Note that short films would appear in the “first Steampunk Short Film Festival in NZ” which will form part of the exhibition.

All the information can be found at the League of Victorian Imagineers web site.

Steampunk in the news

Question – So just what does it take to get your steampunk fashion in the news? It appears that the answer is to build a robot wife. Oamaru man Richard McWha built “a Victorian science fiction robot who will carry out all your domestic duties – she is Rose the Automated Wife.”

The question we really have though is just why is Oamaru hosting a Steampunk Fashion Show? The existence of the “Oamaru Steampunk Gala Ball” is proof that steampunk is on the brink of complete world fashion domination.

Shades of Sentience 2010 Steampunk Short Story Competiton

The competition is being run by the website Shades of Sentience.  The theme is steampunk, and the stories you weave will need to represent the height of steampunk – all that is daring and unique and sweepingly epic about it.  This will be the first step in a battle of the two great punk genres.  Next years competition theme will be cyberpunk.

When both comps are complete they will choose a selection of stories for the next anthology.  As yet unnamed, it will be a flip book with two covers – cyberpunk on one side, steampunk on the other.  So this year, represent steampunk with everything you’ve got, because next year it’ll be cyberpunks turn.

The competition is only open to residents of Australia and New Zealand.

Closes 31st December 2010

Entry fee is $5.

1st Prize $200

2nd Prize $100

3rd Prize $50

More information can be found here.