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Share your Kiwi fandom with the world

The World SF convention this year is in Finland. Over on their FB page, they are asking for people to write about fandom in their own countries. Is there anybody out there who is interested in representing the kiwi expression of fandom to the rest of the world? This is what they say…

Call for article writers! Want to write a very small article (300 words max) about fandom in your country? We also need help collecting the names of regional groups or national groups, and regional and national conventions from 14 Augusti 2017 – 15 August 2018.
Contact vesa.sisatto@worldcon.fi. Deadline is 15 June!

GUFF – 2 weeks to go to nominate for Helsinki

GUFF is the Get Up and Over (or Going Under) Fan Fund which transports SF fans from Australasia to Europe (and vice versa).

Nominations are now open for the northbound race, to transport a Australasian fan to Worldcon 75, the 75th World Science Fiction Convention, to be held in Helsinki, Finland, 9-13 August, 2017.

If you wish to stand and are unsure about how to go about getting any of these things, what the fund pays for or the duties of a GUFF delegate and administrator, then get in touch with one of the current GUFF administrators. You can find contact details and other information here.

Nominations are open until 17th November 2016, and candidates will be announced soon after. Voting will then run until Saturday 1st April 2017, with the winner announced online as soon as possible after voting has closed.

As an editorial aside to the above, the NZ in 2020 Worldcon bid plans to have a presence in Helsinki and they need assistance with that. There is obvious opportunity for a happy overlap of interests here. Also, although kiwis are eligible, there has never been a New Zealand GUFF delegate. Isn’t it about time that was rectified.


Kansas City, Missouri, USA – MidAmeriCon II, the 74th World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon), is delighted to announce that the 2016 Hugo Award and 1941 Retro Hugo Award nomination period is now open.

Nomination ballots will be accepted from January 28, 2016, to Thursday, March 31, 2016, 11:59 PM PDT for the prestigious Hugo Awards and the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. Members of MidAmeriCon II and Worldcon 75 (the 2017 Worldcon) who joined by January 31, 2016, and all members of Sasquan, the 2015 Worldcon, are invited to submit nominating ballots.

The Hugo Awards are the premier award in the science fiction genre, honoring science fiction literature and media as well as the genre’s fans. The Awards were first presented at the 1953 World Science Fiction Convention in Philadelphia (Philcon II), and they have continued to honor science fiction and fantasy notables for more than 60 years.

More information about the Hugo Awards, including details about how to submit a nominating ballot, is available from http://midamericon2.org/the-hugo-awards/hugo-nominations/. Nominations may be submitted by postal mail or online.

For additional information, contact us at hugoadmin@midamericon2.org.

NZin2020 at Sasquan

Passing on the following from the NZ in 2020 team…

We’ll be at Sasquan with a party and a bid table. The party will be on Thursday night in the Davenport Hotel. When we have more details, we will post them in our media outlets such as our website, Facebook and Twitter. We are looking for people to help out at Sasquan on the bid table, and at the party. If you are interested and available, please sign up in the Google Group below, so we can contact you ahead of time.
So we hope we’ll see you at Sasquan! Pop by and say hi!


The Worldcon Picture

Over at con-news.com, Petrea Mitchell has written an article calledThe Shape of Worldcon Bids to Come. It sets out a roadmap of current and expected bids to host the World Science Fiction Convention for the rest of the decade. It doesn’t mention Reno in 2011 and Chicago in 2012 because they have been confirmed.

Down the bottom of the list, you will notice that New Zealand in 2020 is still there. If you are attending ConText, there are a couple of programme items devoted to discussing the bid to bring a Worldcon here. If you are at all interested, check them out.

Statement from the London in 2014 Worldcon bid

We thought it would be useful to clarify both that we support the ideals of the Eurocon and that we do not intend to combine our Worldcon bid with a bid to be the Eurocon in 2014.


We fully support the idea of international SF cons which encourage fans from different cultures and countries to meet and participate together. In particular, as a UK-based Worldcon bid, we are keen to see fans from across Europe attend the Worldcon and other international cons where they can meet fans from around the world (as also laid out in the principles of the European SF Society which oversees the Eurocon).

The previous two UK Worldcons were also Eurocons. Many fans from across the continent, in particular from Eastern Europe and the Nordic countries, were able to attend a Worldcon for the first time, with programme items and exhibits which encouraged sharing of the different fannish cultures and history – and, in 2005, the first Nordic Worldcon GoH.

Those of us who were involved with those Worldcons are proud of what was achieved there, and are keen to take this even further with the 2014 London bid. We believe this can best be done by building on feedback from fans who attended the last two UK Worldcons on what worked and what could be done differently. We are also conscious of the different bidding cycles of Eurocons and Worldcons, which makes it important that our intention be clear early enough for other bids to be able to plan well.

Having seen the increase in European participation at the last two UK Worldcons, the London in 2014 bid is confident that we can continue that trend independently of having Eurocon status. We therefore support the idea of a separate Eurocon in 2014, able to give full prominence to European science fiction endeavours and achievement. If we win the Worldcon bid we will be happy to work to promote participation in science fiction across Europe with whoever wins the Eurocon bids for 2013 and 2014. We may also in due course apply for Euroconference status for the London convention.–

Mike Scott
For more information, go to the London in 2014 website here.

Aussiecon Wrap Up – links galore

Whether you were at Aussiecon 4 or not you may be interested in seeing what others experienced. This page from Gary Kemble has a vast number of links to convention reports from a wide range of attendees as well as a few outsider views.