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Recognition for Genre Authors Encouraging Young Writers

Check out this item in the forthcoming Focus Magazine. It gives hugely well deserved recognition to well known local SF/Fantasy authors Piper Mejia, Lee Murray, Jean Gilbert and the many other genre authors around NZ who have helped with their efforts in teaching and mentoring and publishing young students.

We looked, but couldn’t find this article, on the Focus web site – it will probably turn up there shortly.

Writers wanted

Lmao Productions Ltd is in the process of initiating a New Zealand science fiction and fantasy television series similar to the old Twilight Zone series

They want to hear from any established New Zealand speculative fiction authors who would like their published short fiction considered for adaptation (From shorts through to Novellas that could be produced in a one hour show) or who might like to write something directly for the show.

Contact lord-of-the-squirrels@barkingdeathsquirrels.com

This is very early stages but when it goes ahead, fees will be paid for story rights and screenplays.

Please do spread this to authors you know who may not have received it.