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RIP Marie Williams

With deep sadness the board of SFFANZ regret to advise the death of board member Marie Williams.

Marie passed away after a long, courageous fight with cancer

She was a valued member and we will miss her thoughtful insights and interesting comments.


SF Ezine To Launch In New Zealand

A new paying ezine based in NZ will be launching Jan 1st, 2012. It’s called Comets and Criminals, and will be published in a quarterly
format, with an ebook available at the beginning of each quarter and
content from the book released for free on the website over the course
of the quarter.

Comets and Criminals will publish short fiction and poetry.
Science-fiction is at the top of its genre list; cross-genre work is
also encouraged. We pay 1c a word (US) for short fiction between
1,000-5,000 words, and $10 for flash fiction and poetry.

For more information visit the web site.

Timeless Sands

On November 6th, we made a scan of Timeless Sands, a history of fanzines and fan activity in New Zealand up to 1983, available to any interested parties. All our efforts to contact Nigel Rowe, the copyright holder of Timeless Sands, had proved fruitless and so we proceded in good faith.

However we have now managed to contact Nigel, and he has made his disapproval of our actions clear. Therefore we have removed the scan of Timeless Sands from our web site.

New Zealand SF, Fantasy And Horror

One of the most important things that SFFANZ does is maintain lists of science fiction, fantasy and horror produced in New Zealand. In order to keep these lists up to date, we are very dependant¬† on people telling us about items that we may have missed. Please — if you come across any items that belong on the lists, let us know about them by sending an email to listings@sffanz.org.nz.

Please don’t assume that someone will have already told us about your discovery (they probably haven’t) and please don’t assume that just because you know about it, everybody else must know about it as well; that’s hardly ever true. We’d much prefer to be told about something several times rather than miss out on it because nobody informed us.

So please, all of you, do keep your eyes peeled and let us know about everything you discover.

Phlogiston – A New Zealand Fanzine

Issues of the New Zealand fanzine Phlogiston, published between 1984 and 1996 are now available from http://efanzines.com/Phlogiston

Phlogiston was a semi-regular fanzine putting out 43 issues across 12 years. Featuring articles by Alan Robson, Graham P. Collins, Tim Jones, Murray MacLachlan, David Harvey and others. Fiction by Tim Jones, Phillip Mann and others. Art by Dan McCarthy, Tom Cardy, Ian Gunn, Graham Ferner, Glenn Young. Author interviews: Joe Haldeman, Larry Niven, Dan Simmons, Roger Zelazny, Jane Lindskold.  Con reviews, fannish activity and feuds.

Go back in time to when staying at a hotel in Melbourne was only $25 a night. When it cost $35 dollars to attend a convention, and milk was fifty cents a pint.

Issues one to six from April 1984 to August 1985 are available in PDF format, more will be uploaded on a regular schedule.

SFFANZ AGM Minutes 2010

The minutes of the SFFANZ AGM held at Au Contraire on August 29th 2010 are now available on the SFFANZ web site.

New Features On The SFFANZ Book Reviews

The SFFANZ book reviews are now available in author order and title order as well as in the original date order. The reviews can also be searched.